Fast, Affordable, Expert Computer Repair

We repair all brands of desktop computers and laptop computers operating under Windows based operating systems. In addition we also service computer monitors, computer printers, and netbooks. Whether your computers performance has slowed significantly or completely failed, our state of the art computer repair department has the technicians, equipment, and inventory to get your system back up and running regardless of it’s age. Kissimmee and Saint Cloud trusts William Bent Technology to fix  their computers fast and fix them right.

Desktop, laptop, printer, scanner, wireless network, or internet issues, we are equipped to resolve your needs. We offer on-site service and pick-up, repair and delivery service.

Experiencing onsite network or internet access issues? Our technicians can fix that!

Repair & troubleshooting

Repairing all brands of PC’s and laptops we provide the fastest and most reliable repair service in Kissimmee & Saint Cloud. We are very aware of the dependence most clients have on their systems, we will do everything we can to complete your repair the same day. In time critical situations, emergency service is available for an additional charge. We have a very extensive inventory of hardware both state of the art and older used hardware which allows cost effective solution to your problem quickly.

Laptop & PC upgrades

System stuck in slow motion? Our technicians will provide the most cost effective and practical upgrade and enhancement options to suit your specific needs. From simple memory addition to changing the CPU and flashing the motherboard bios, we have the hardware and technical knowledge necessary to help you get the maximum life expectancy out of that computer you have grown to love.

Data recovery

If you have lost data through hardware or software failure, we can help. William Bent Technology has full suite of software repair and recovery tools. William Bent Technology also offers the option to transfer your data to a new system. Our technicians have the ability to make a copy of the existing drive and transfer it to a new hard drive, saving you from having to reinstall all of your applications.