Users of the social network Facebook are being urged to exercise caution if they receive an email claiming to be a Facebook notification about being tagged in a post.

Facebook users have been warned to take care when opening emails claiming to be notifications from the social media site, after some reported the emails to be from hackers looking to infect computers with malicious software.

Security researchers have noted that users of Google’s Chrome browser should be aware of any emails they receive claiming to be from Facebook that appear to be a notification of a friend tagging them in a comment.

A ‘phishing’ scam – where users are tricked into downloading software – has been uncovered that focuses on the web brower where malware is hidden within a link in emails claiming to be notifications from Facebook.

This download poses as a Chrome Extension and as a result doesn’t initially appear threatening. Users are then tricked into opening it and this infects the user’s computer and leaves them exposed to hackers.

Security blog HackRead has flagged up the issue, reporting that when users click any links in the emails, a bundle of items are downloaded that appear to be harmless pieces of software, but house malware ready to infect your computer.

It is the latest in a series of scams revolving around hackers posing as large companies and sending spam messages in the hope of infecting computers. Most notably a warning was issued after text messages claiming to be from Apple, asking for information regarding their Apple ID, were sent to hundreds of users.

Anyone who receives such an email is also being urged to report it to Facebook.

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